What is BUU account?
BUU account is a user account that consists of Username and Password.

What are student’s username and password?
Username is a student ID e.g. 58999999.
Password is a password from Computer Centre which consists of alphabets and numbers at least eight characters.

Where can you use BUU Account?
BUU Account can be used in Information System that BUU provides.

Internet & Wi-Fi

Students can use internet everywhere in the university. For example, in Building, Dormitory, stadium or other places. There are 2 ways that student can use which are LAN and Wi-Fi.

  • LAN : Students can use internet via LAN at certain places that Computer Centre has setup LAN system such as อาคารหอพักเทาทอง 50 ปี, เทาทอง 2,3,4. Students can find LAN port on the wall and connect the cable to their computers to use the internet.
  • Wi-Fi : Students can access internet via Wi-Fi by connecting to Wi-Fi : WL-name of place.


BUU has provides 2 e-mail accounts for each student which are BuuGo Account and BuuMy Account.

  • BuuGo Account (username@go.buu.ac.th) is for students who use Gmail. Students can use BuuGo account by using Buu Account password to sign in at go.buu.ac.th
  • BuuMy Account (username@my.buu.ac.th) is for students who use Hotmail. Students can use BuuMy account by using Buu Account password to sign in at studentmail.buu.ac.th then choose @MY menu.


e-learning allows students to access to knowledge resources anytime and anywhere via web browser (IE, FireFox, Chrome, etc.)

Google Apps

What are apps in Google Apps?

Google Apps consist of Google Search, Google Map, Google Site, Google Doc&Drive and Google Classroom.

How to use Google Apps?

When a student receives his Buu Account, he will also receive BuuGo Account. BuuGo Account username format is 58999999@go.buu.ac.th and the password is the same as Buu Account’s.

Go to go.buu.ac.th then click “Log in”. Type your username then click next. Type your password then click “Log in”.

Office 365

What are apps in Microsoft Office 365?

There are Outlook, Office Online (MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Powerpoint), OneDrive ( 1 TB Cloud service and file sharing), Microsoft Lync (Communication program) and My Site (Website making tools).

How to use Microsoft Office 365?

When a student receives his Buu Account, he will also receive BuuMy Account. BuuMy Account username format is 58999999@go.buu.ac.th and the password is the same as Buu Account’s.

Go to studentmail.buu.ac.th the click @My menu. Choose BuuMy Account then click “Log in”

Management Information System

Management Information System makes BUU Information system for example reg.buu.ac.th and affairs.buu.ac.th correct and complete.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

This will connect computers outside BUU to BUU network. Users can get access to online international journals as if they are connect to BUU Wi-Fi inside the university but actually they don’t have to be in the university. They can still get access to these online database anytime and anywhere.

When do you have to use BUU Account?
When you want to get access to BUU network, Information system or IT Service.

How to change password?
Go to changepwd.buu.ac.th. Click “Change Password” then type your username and current password. Type your new password then retype your new password. If the password changing is successful, the system will show “Success”. If not, it will show “Wrong username or wrong password”.

If you forget your password, what should you do?
  1. Using your alternative email
  2. Go to changepwd.buu.ac.th then choose “Forget Password”. Choose “Reset Password”. Type your username then click OK. Verify your typing then click “Reset Password”. Go to your alternative email’s inbox to choose your new password.

  3. Using your ID card
  4. Bring your ID Card (as a smart card) to 1 FL, computer center or 1 Fl, KB Building or Learning Space, 2 Fl, กองกิจนิสิต.

  5. Contact Computer center staff Tel. 038102769 -71, 038102773

How to create a strong password
  1. The password should contain at least 8 characters but no more than 16 charaters.
  2. The password should consist of A-Z, a-z, 1-9 or special character e.g. ! # @ %.
  3. There should be no space or Non-English characters in the password.
  4. The capital letters and the small letters are different.
Students have to change password every 180 days. The passwords that students receive only last 180 days. Students have to change their password before it expires. Students can also check expires date at http://mail.buu.ac.th/en/ChangePasswd.aspx

Why Buu Account not working?
The password has expired or the student status is suspended. Please contact Computer Center.